1. Welcome to SimRacing.Club
    We are an online racing league, and has years of experience using ISI´s rFactor 2. We have several series - VEC which use URD´s mod to mirror World Endurance Championship. 6-24 hour races - its all about endurance.
    Virtual Le Mans Series, Virtual Rally Championship, Virtual Formula Championship and several special events - Plenty of racing.

We are introducing licenses at SimRacing.Club.

Feel free to read this post - users will be updated within this weekend.
During today and tomorrow i will be working on something new for teams, and the forum can have limited access, since i need to make sure everything works before launching it.
Work has been going on for the past few days, which is why you have seen some new tabs on/off at some time.
So heres an update for you. We have updated both R1 and R2 servers (keeping R3 server as is).
Now this is a powerful upgrade which means we can easily run more series and host several servers.

Room 1 and Room 2 is simular and looks like this:
Windows server 2012 R2
Intel i7 3770 CPU
3.90 Ghz CPU Clock Speed
4 Cores / 8 Threads
1 Gbit/s Network
Located in Germany

Obviously there is a day or 2 when we will get things moved over (dns etc for the hosting) but they are already running NIGHT and WET server. So enjoy :)
So i´ve worked to get the old SRC design up-to-date and get it ready for a release. So whats new.

Permissions and stuff on the background should be smoother now, and the forum should be faster. Speaking of faster... we´re preparing 2 new Formula series.

Formula Championship and
Formula 2000 Championship - we´ll announce things as soon as we can.

On top of this - since its christmas heres a few new things as well.
Broadcast server for VEC´s Room 2 is getting an upgrade to a GTX 1060
Broadcast for VEC´s Room 1 will be on my new PC which has a GTX 1080 and a new Skylake i7 - both streams should be pretty awesome :)
The usual suspects make up the top of the line competitiors in LMP1. To start with, last season's defending champions FEEDER Racing Poland and their close rivals Doug Henson Racing remaining in the class with their last years car of choice, Audi R18. Last season Istanbul race winners Revolution racing also remain in the class with same car of choice.

However, there are a few new teams joining LMP1 tier. GT champions, Team Vires have elected to step up from GTE-PRO Porsche into LMP1 powered Porsche for a new challenge. Their car choice is a surprising and a refreshing move. Last year only one team have stuck with P1 Porsche althrought the season. Another new team from GT grid is Vod:Bul Racing. They're the only other Porsche team on the grid. We have another three new teams on the grid. They are P2 champions Team Spirit racing, 1aco GT protagonists and p2 vice champions Magenta Warriors.

A new car has also been introduced into P1 cathegory. It's a 4wd front-mid engined Nissan. This car features quite unique design, as it fatures both very low downforce and low drag. This allowes for some astonishing acceleration times. Magenta Warriors are going to be racing with this car. A new team, composed of ex-DHR's drivers have also taken on with this car. However, they'll have to start their season in Grid2 alongside 3wide who have been given a grid2 slot due to poor consistancy last season.


Preseason saw close fought qualifying and race between Revolution Racing, DHR and Team Vires. Vires seemed to have just a slight edge of the matters until a small setback, which left Revolution and DHR to battle out for preseason honors. Yuri Kasdorp took this one home for Revolution after a close fought battle on final lap with Maximilian Schieder. This looked more than promising to be entertaining season if it carried on throught the year.


At race one held at Indianapolis, Kuba Brzezinski for Feeder, the...