Yes, go to and at the bottom there is a GIFT UPGRADE - use that

While we´ve had 7 seasons that was free of charge, the growth and popularity has made it impossible to keep paying for servers and freelancers without asking for something in return.
Some might think 20 or 30 euros is much, but compared to the hours our stewards (live and post race), admins, commentators, designers put into it - its really not.

For a few seasons we´ve had people ask about reserving number, a way to submit liveries more than once and even "owning" their own window file, this is now available if your manager buys one of these upgrades.

If you are planning to race in either series, yes you need to own the respective season pass
Once you have a SR License 4 and ready to get signed to a team, login to the forum and go here: