Where to start

Use the Forum button in the menu bar above or CLICK HERE to make an account on our forum. Once you have been registered as a member, post an introduction in the “Introduce yourself” thread.

If you are thinking ahead, post your proof-of-purchase from UnitedRacingDesign in the URD Validation thread.

A quick way to get to know our community is to join our Members Discord server.

What SRC is

SimRacing.Club (SRC) is a simulation racing organisation. We run several championships which have gained international renown, the largest being the Virtual Endurance Championship (VEC).

Racing SRC provides

SRC is an endurance racing-focused organisation. The majority of races last between 1.5 hours in the SimRacing.Club Academy to 24 hours in the Virtual Endurance Championship. SRC events are held online, and field 300+ drivers from across the world in 24 hour races.

Getting to the higher series

Members wishing to drive in the Virtual Le Mans Series (VLMS) or the VEC must first graduate from the SimRacing.Club Academy (SRCA) by taking part in one of its 3-week championships.

SRC uses a license system, the higher licenses granting access to more prestigious championships.

Required hardware/software

Members must use a PC with a wired internet connection. Our major championships use rFactor 2, which must be used through Steam, and can be purchased here.
rFactor 2 uses vehicle and track mods. Our endurance series use UnitedRacingDesign’s PX and EGT mods, both of which can be found here.

All other mods will be provided to members once they have gained access to the relevant forum sections.

Members must use the SRC teamspeak servers during events. Server details are provided to members once they gain access to the relevant forum sections.


SRC is run by dedicated administrators and stewards. Races are live-stewarded, and race director commands are issued over teamspeak.

The SRC administration value quality of racing in the utmost regard, and endeavour to use only the most reliable and high-performing components (hardware, plugins) in order to provide members with the most realistic racing experience.


SRC does not tolerate:

  • Destructive campaigns between members on our forum or discord server
  • Cheating (we know when someone is doing it)
  • Distributing our mod content or using it on private servers
  • Failing to comply to our series rules
  • The use of any language other than English (SRC is an international organisation)

Punishment for misconduct is administered at the discretion of the SRC administration.

The history of SimRacing.Club

SRC began in 2008 as a 1-championship-league. It was first called ILMS-ERL, and replaced both VOR´s and CMS’ individual endurance series. Later, the league switched to VLMS-ERL (ILMS and VLMS was the name of the mod).

It evolved into the Virtual Endurance Championship, now the largest professional simulation racing series.

As the demand for more racing increased, the VEC administration created SimRacing.Club as a parent organisation to the series.

SimRacing.Club is supported by Image Space Incorporated and Studio 397 as an official rFactor 2 organisation.